Harmony Through Education

This time, I would like to point your attention to an amazing education project in India, Harmony Through Education, that deserves more attention than its getting through the mainstream media. Harmony Through Education’s mission is to optimize and maximize all resources available to residents of underserved and underprivileged communities in developing countries across the world, focusing particularly on children and families with special needs.

Harmony Through Education (HTE) was founded to support and educate special needs children in rural and impoverished portions of developing nations. Education enhances development and enables these children to rise above all confines of their isolated positions, to develop their self-esteem and employable skills, and to become sources of pride and joy for their families and communities.

Harmony Through Education’s approach to education is:
– To focus on funding projects to create and/or improve existing schools for physically and mentally challenged children/young adults
– To mainstream local children from the community into our schools. In this part of the world, homeschooling doesn’t provide adequate solutions
– To establish and operate schools in local communities run by citizens who are native to that particular country
– To create local programs at our schools to involve and instruct parents of mentally and physically challenged on how to best meet their child’s needs
– To assist the local communities with seed funding and professional expertise and training to eventually run, manage, and fund their own schools.

Harmony Through Education has selected the first teacher for the Dharamsala school (Mr. Seth Shafer) and makes headway on the selection of a building to use for the school where classroom talk can foster critical thinking and boost equal opportunities for girls and boys alike.

In-Country Directors, Anil Bhatnagar and Bela Singh, as well as HTE employee Raja Sahota, have been seeking out professional teachers, as well as a building to use for the school in Dharamsala.

Seth Shaffer will be traveling back to India in late March to meet with HTE staff members. Mr. Shaffer will be meeting with In-Country Directors, Anil Bhatnagar, and Bela Singh, as well as HTE teachers, to create a curriculum for the school in Dharamsala. In the past, companies like HP and Microsoft have also contributed to philanthropy and education through various projects in developing countries and hopes are that also in this development, major corporations will contribute.

Sponsor a Child
Harmony Through Education is giving you the opportunity to sponsor a child at our school in India! The monthly cost for each child to attend school is only $50. There is no tuition at the school, although the school accepts contributions when families ask if they can give. Software developer InfusionSoft is also engaged and prepared to provide relevant software at no cost when needed.

Your contribution to Harmony Through Education will help provide mentally and physically challenged children and young adults in India with the opportunity to learn and develop themselves. In addition, by implementing best practices in education, the community and families will benefit by participating in these school programs.