An Introduction to Infusionsoft

Small business owners need many different types of tools to work with within their company. The need for a system to keep track of clients names, emails and addresses and any other type of information to contact a customer. A way to communicate, market, offer services or products will be needed. And always a need to track numbers for the different projects is needed. Sounds like an aggressive amount of items small business owners need to have access to and keep track of, how does one do it?

There are many different types of services and tools out there to choose from. Here are some things to think about and how to choose which ones to use. You need a CRM (customer relationship management); you will need something to help you with setting up communication such as an email marketing system, a storefront, and a shopping cart are usually needed. Then keeping track of the numbers to see the rates of open emails, which shopping cart works best and so many other things.

Unfortunately, cost seems to be the biggest determining factor. So the cheapest email marketing system is chosen. So many of these only do a small amount of work you need so then you have to go to another software that handles setting up a storefront and yet another for a shopping cart. Each of these brings their own set of problems from remembering the ever-changing password, remembering how to work each software, to dealing with problems each software will experience PLUS the expense of each one.

Yes, these problems and concerns will happen no matter which software you use but you have just multiplied them by three or four to cover all the needs you as the small business owner have because you were only concerned with getting the cheapest. The headaches and time wasted in shopping this way take any benefit that you were seeking away from yourself.

My answer to you is a software called Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is an all-in-one answer that will take care of all the needs you have and you only need this one software to make it all happen. You will only need to remember the information for one sign in, learn one software, experience excellent customer service if you have questions plus only pay for only one software service each month.

So, if you are looking for all-in-one software that does it all. If you are the type of person who understands what it means to use the best, state of the art system out there for small business owners then Infusionsoft is the answer for you and it also is perfect to help you write your dissertations.

Cogs in the Wheel of Infusionsoft

Merriam-Webster Dictionary tells us that a cog is a bar or wheel with a number of projections at its edge that are transferring motion through engaging with the projections on another bar or wheel. This truly does explain Infusionsoft and the job that it does. It takes a series of cogs and makes them all work together to create motion and engagement of a business… of your business.

The beautiful part about the entire process is that you don’t have to fully understand how it all works you just have to understand all Infusionsoft can do for you and go forward. So that is why I thought knowing about the different cogs of the software could be of benefit to you!

Infusionsoft is an all-in-one sales and marketing software for small business. What this all entails are the cogs of CRM, marketing and E-commerce all working together which helps you get more customers, grow sales and save time. It’s like learning from the best practices in Education! It is the perfect software for small businesses with active websites. With the coaching, training, and help that Infusionsoft offers to small businesses it is almost impossible not to succeed.

If you are looking for one system that combines marking in finding and developing new leads and CRM to work hot leads and close sales there is a cog that fulfills that need. Need one system that can automate mailing lists, shopping carts, and online marketing Infusionsoft can take care of that. If you are a local service type business and need one system for customer management and marketing then this software is the answer.

The CRM in Infusionsoft is called the “brain.” It centralizes and collects all the date of a customer. Automation is the key to the success of marketing done. It attracts and leads prospects into buying customers and then follows them through the different campaigns and funnels you set up. Storefronts, billing, shopping carts are all a part of the E-commerce part of Infusionsoft and this is usually the missing cog of other services that small businesses might be drawn to.

So, the cogs of CRM, E-commerce, and marketing are what makes up Infusionsoft and what makes it such a successful software for all of the above needs. It makes sure that your business does not spin out of control and loses its overall view of sales and marketing. It makes sure that you follow up with leads, prospects or customers with targeted campaigns for each. You don’t need to have several different monthly services to pay for, hire more staff because of your success. It also is a great support for physician administration tasks. All you need is the all-in-one solution of Infusionsoft.

3 Easy and Free Campaigns To Set Up In Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft beginners sometimes get lost in the vast and open platform they have just been given. Compare it to a kid walking into a candy store and told they can have any candy they want. Wow, but where to start? Infusionsoft has come to the rescue with something called the Marketplace. See also this post about HP and Microsoft. This is where other users of Infusionsoft have set up campaigns and offered them to others. Some you have to pay for however, others are free. Today, we are going to talk about 3 free campaigns are easy to set up and use today!

  • Contact Campaign: On your website, you should have a contact page. This is an important page because it allows people to contact you for a variety of reasons. As you go into the Marketplace in Infusionsoft and search for the contact request campaign. This works much the same way as a regular contact form works with the big difference of follow up added. Someone within your company is assigned to make sure that you contact that person and their request doesn’t fall through the cracks.
  • Newsletter Campaign: The fastest way to build a relationship with your potential and current clients is to provide a newsletter. What I love about this platform is that it keeps checking in with your list to see if they have received the newsletter. And then it sequence has it built in that you can check in with them months down the road to ask how they like the newsletter and to reply to let you know. Talk about creating a know, like and trust factor.
  • Snap Campaign: If you are at a live event Infusionsoft has created a great app and campaign to help you keep in contact with everyone you meet. You add the free app to your phone then click a picture of the business card then there are two choices of the campaign you can send a follow-up email to the people an hour later or have an email sent out the next morning just telling the person how nice it was to meet them.

So there are 3 easy and free campaigns that Infusionsoft offer. They are a great way for the beginner to delve into Infusionsoft and get it working for you.